The Whitesbog General Store

Whitesbog’s General Store carries many unique items. Food items reflect our history as a center of cranberry and blueberry cultivation.  We feature blueberry and cranberry preserves, marmalade, honey and assorted candies.

We showcase artisan items handcrafted by locals of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Items include: aprons, knitted and crocheted items, paintings, pottery, jewelry and toys. Since they are not mass produced, many of them are one-of-a-kind. Selection varies.

We also have a nice selection of Pine Barrens-themed books, including books on the Jersey Devil and the history of the Pine Barrens. We also feature our collectible t-shirts showcasing the Jersey Devil and our annual Blueberry Festival. If you missed the blueberry festival, you can still add to your collection of Blueberry Festival t-shirts.

Among these, we also carry:

  • Old-fashioned candies
  • Artisan goods
  • Piney stickers
  • Pine barrens prints & posters
  • SoJourn Magazine
  • Camping supplies
  • Walking sticks

The general store is run by volunteer shopkeepers. If you would like to donate your time, please view more information on our Volunteering Page (Link)

The company store served Whitesbog’s residents and workers from 1899 until the late 1960s. In 1924, in order to accommodate need for more space as well as a post office, Whitesbog moved the building around the corner, next to the water tower and pump house, and built the larger store that you see today.

In November 1923, when blueberry correspondence and advertisement created sufficient mail volume for a third class office, the post office opened; it continued to function until January 1957.

The Whitesbog Preservation Trust has since refurbished the store, and it is currently open on the weekends as a general store, selling foods and trinkets that reflect Whitesbog cranberry culture.